Scales Lesson 2: Introducing The Major Scale


The Major scale, is one of the most commonly used scales. As well as being the foundation of western music theory, great for solos and improvisation, it also makes a fantastic warm-up.

Move the first note (the root) to any fret to change the “key”. For example, starting the scale on the third fret of the E string (G) will make the scale’s key G major. Try playing this over a G major chord.

G Major Scale Tab

This is the Major scale, in the key of G Major

e |----------------------------------------------2--3--2-------------------------------------------|
B |---------------------------------------3--5-------------5--3------------------------------------|
G |------------------------------2--4--5-------------------------5--4--2---------------------------|
D |--------------------2--4--5---------------------------------------------5--4--2-----------------|
A |----------2--3--5-----------------------------------------------------------------5--3--2-------|
E |---3--5------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5--3-|

To change key, use the same shape, just move it all up by the same number of frets. The best way to learn the scale is to start with the middle finger and use 1 finger per fret, this also makes changing key a breeze as your fingers become the shape.

Homework Task

Compose a basic riff or lick within the Major scale:

e |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
B |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
G |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
D |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
A |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
E |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------|



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