5 Accessories You Didn’t Know You Needed

Guitar Wall Hanger
Bass, pride of place!


Guitar Stand/Wall Hanger

Don’t leave you’re valuble guitars lying around or leant up against the table, thats how headstocks break off and thats how you spend a fortune on repairs!!!






guitar capo
Guitar Capo



Want to play in different tunings/keys without retuning the guitar? Here’s the solution! Buy one here.








guitar straplocks
Don’t lose your guitar to gravity!!


Similar to the wall hanger, this thing saves guitar lives! Avoid unwanted mishaps and expensive repairs.







Ear Plugs
Protect your ears!!


Even more important than saving your guitar is saving your ears if you’re playing in any kind of band environment. It may have been alright for Beethoven but if you can’t hear then you’re probably going to have a hard time playing music.






guitar pick holder
Keep your plectrums organised!

Pick Holder

Are you fed up of your picks ALWAYS disappearing (I know I am) this are a handy way to keep them with your guitar at all times.









Honourable Mention


Clip on Tuner

This is aimed more specifically for acoustic guitars without a mic/pickup in them. A clip-on is far more effective than using the mic on a plug in tuner, they’re also compact and can be used for electrics and bass. Buy one here.


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